Thermal-Shrink Packing Machine

MIKYO provides machines with prestigious quality products with guaranteed quality

Mikyo is reputable brand, dedicated to providing quality products have a film, dispensers shrink film products , machine shell membrane products, packaging machines and packaging solutions for industrial and food.

The quality of the product depends a lot on the packaging of the product, a carefully and professionally packaged product is always appreciated and selected by its partners, so getting a Good packaging solutions are contributing to the brand of the product as well as the brand of your business.

Outstanding advantages of shrink film dispenser is simple structure, easy to use, automatic operation, no noise, ensure shrink film for beautiful products, the machine uses infrared ball to heat shrink film, shrink shrink film evenly and beautifully does not affect the product, the machine is stable, safe for users.

Technical parameters of automatic shrink film machine

Power supply: 110,220,240, 380-460V/50-60Hz

Voltage: 4.0KW, 11KW

Operating efficiency: 500-800pcs/h.

Machine weight: 125kg, 145kg, 110kg, 300kg, 260kg

Shrink film material: POF, PVC, PP, PE

We offer a wide range of packaging machines as well as different packaging solutions to fit your needs.

With a team of good engineers and experts, they have been contributing to the packaging industry to build an industrialization and modernization. Our strength is Quality Products - Professional Services - Competitive Prices.


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