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Pipe Ring Wrapping Machine MK-660HR

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The MK-660HR film wrapping machine is a specialized machine for wrapping coil products such as copper wire coils, belts, tires...

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1. Introduction of Pipe Ring Wrapping Machine MK-660HR

The MK-660HR film wrapping machine is a specialized machine for wrapping coil products such as electric cable coils, copper coils, belt rolls, car covers ...
With normal film wrapping machines, we can only wrap the film around the object, but with the MK-660HR film wrapping machine, the machine will wrap both the inside and outside of the tubular product (Product picture). hollow core cylinder) The machine can use a variety of wrapping materials such as PE film, laminated film or moisture-proof paper tape, etc. After wrapping, the product has a beautiful appearance, waterproof, dustproof, anti-rust, easy to transport and store.

2. Features:

  • The machine can adjust the distance of the layers to be stacked on the touch screen
  • The tension of the shrink film is adjustable
  • Winding speed can be adjusted via touch screen

3. Specifications:


Thông số kỹ thuật của sản phẩm


Machine code



Product roll outside diameter

1000 mm


Product roll inner diameter

600 mm


Product weight

30 kg


Product height

200 mm


Packaging materials

PE film


Film roll width

100 mm


Film roll core diameter

F76 mm


Packing speed

20-35s / product


Power Consumption

1.5 kw





Weight machine



3. How to operate:

With only 4 simple operating steps below, you will immediately have a more beautiful product than expected. If you still do not know how to install the film roll, immediately contact Mikyo for direct video call instructions.

  • Step 1 : Install the film roll in the correct direction according to the instruction manual.
  • Step 2 : Connect the machine to the power source, turn on the power switch.
  • Step 3 : Set the winding time, the number of turns depending on the intended use.
  • Step 4 : Press the button to proceed to wrap the film and wait for the results.

4. Application

  • Cable industry
  • Pipe industries (drip irrigation pipes, hose pipes, garden pipes)
  • Steel coil
  • Tire industry

5. Advantages of horizontal film wrapping machine
  • Reduce human labor.
  • Neatly packed, strong tension, even wrapping without opening and saving wrapping material.
  • Moisture-proof, dust-proof, product surface protection.
  • Convenient for the process of transportation and storage, improve the external quality.
  • With ring-shaped products that are difficult to wrap securely by hand, it is very important to choose an alternative machine to optimize production.

6. Company policy
  • MIKYO is a leading brand, pioneering in providing packaging machines;
  • Fast consulting, ensuring accuracy compared to product requirements of each customer;
  • We are committed to giving you the best experience in terms of product quality, pre-sales and after-sales service.
  • Free shipping and installation to customer's factory.
  • 1 year free warranty to use the machine.

Video of MK-660HR film wrapping machine

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