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Luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG

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Luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG

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The MK - X0BG luggage wrapping machine uses the most advanced technology today, with smart features.  The luggage wrapping machine is also equipped with an interval sensor system that ensures continuous operation without interruption. In addition, the machine is also supported by AI software that allows beautiful packaging and quieter and more stable machine operation. This automatic baggage wrapping machine has intelligent sensors that detect abnormalities in the wrapping process, ensuring quality control. The machine also has the ability to monitor and long-term storage, making management and maintenance easier. In addition, this intelligent baggage wrapping machine has multiple wrapping modes, offering advanced flexibility and options for different types of cargo and loads.


1. Product Description luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG


  • The MK-X0BG luggage wrapping machine is Mikyo's new model coming to the market from 2023.

  • The product has many special improvements in design and operation.

  • The machine has integrated AI technology to optimize the amount of film and identify the most accurate product size.

  •  All parameters of the machine are set on the 7-inch touch screen

  • Smart software is available in Vietnamese and English. Easy to manipulate with users.

  •  In this generation of luggage wrapping machine, the machine has a smart package tightening mechanism to ensure tight grip on the package during the wrapping process

  • The machine has large memory that can store the working history of the machine from 5 to 10 days to make machine management and maintenance easier

  • The new model has high stability, using high-grade alloy steel materials in the manufacturing process. Reduce the risk of equipment damage during operation

  • The machine has many membrane wrapping modes that can be easily selected on the center screen of the machine. Change the number of wrapping rings ...

  • The machine has an interruption sensor during operation, Collision sensor, membrane break sensor, wrap exhaustion sensor ...

2. Structure  luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG


  • Machine PLC control system

  • 7 inch touch screen

  • Automatic photovoltaic size sensor

  • High-speed wheel motor driven by inverter

  • Motor up and down high-speed membrane output unit controlled by inverter

  • High speed diaphragm expansion motor driven by inverter

  • The transmission system uses high-strength alloy chains

  • Powder coated shell frame with blue, black and orange colors



3. Application luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG



  • The use of luggage wrapping machines helps the transportation process: suitcases, goods,... not scratched or torn, dirty. Luggage PE film wrapping machine makes the packaging and wrapping process more convenient and sturdy.

  • PE film wrapping machine for luggage is designed and manufactured with the function of wrapping luggage packaging film in public areas, places of gathering, transporting luggage and goods. Such as airport terminals, trains, subways, hotels, parking lots to protect luggage and goods from factors such as brushes leading to scratches, dirt, water that damages boxes, suitcase covers, dented, broken and lost goods after receiving ... Help protect goods safely, avoid loss and damage.

  • The machine line uses wrapping for many types of goods of different sizes, the wrapping machine for the whole box has a relatively large weight, difficult to move. The winding machine adopts an automatic, inductive PLC system according to the height of the goods. PLC control screen, integrated with many features according to customers' requirements and investment budget.


4. Specifications luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG


Controlled by


Max Product Load


Turntable diameter


Winding force



1.2 KW

Machine dimensions

L1400mm xW600mm x H1704mm



 Turntable speed


Up/down movement speed

6 m/min

Membrane speed


Membrane diameter


Maximum tension


Machine weight



5. image  luggage wrapping machine MK - X0BG



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