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This is a line of gluing machines for low-height cartons.

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1, General introduction.

The MK-FJ1AW carton sealing machine is a semi-automatic carton sealing machine. In order to meet the needs of customers, Mikyo has added a line of specialized machines for products with super-low height. The machine series is designed and manufactured according to international standards, which can meet the strictest requirements in packaging of the world's leading factories such as Japan, Korea, European countries,... Synchronous design from the motor to the conveyor belt, so the machine works very stably.

2, Personal characteristics.

- Regarding the type of adhesive tape, the most common types are 48mm, 60mm, 72mm.

- The carton sealing machine is designed as a conveyor belt pulling on both sides to help guide the carton not to deviate when gluing, increasing the aesthetics very high.

- This machine can paste products with the smallest size of 80mm, too suitable for many units with non-standard product parameters.

3, Specifications.


Machine Parameters





Electricity supply

AC220V / 50Hz


Conveyor speed

20 m/min


Adhesive tape size

48, 60, 72 mm


Size max

W480 x H480 mm


Min size

W120 x H120 mm


Size machine

L1090 x W890 x H1280 mm

L1200 x W1050 x H1280 mm


Weight machine

180 Kg


Traction Conveyor

Design on both sides


4, Advantages of our products and services.

- Quick and Accurate Quotation.

- Dedicated and attentive staff.

- Good competitive price compared to the market.

- On-site warranty when receiving the request.

- Quality products and Japanese technology.

- Long-term product warranty period, components are always available.

- Fast delivery and free shipping all over the country.

Automatic carton sealing machine MK-FJ1AW               

5, Contact to order.

Address: Lot 5+6 Lai Xa Industrial Park, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

Phone: 0246 325 7628 - 0918 000 267


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