Automatic Carton Packing Line


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Carton Packing Machine MIKYO

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This piece of machinery is made up of an Automatic Top and Bottom Carton sealer, Automatic strapping machine and roller conveyors, used as extensions to the Packing line. Tape is applied to the top and bottom of the box, and it is then strapped leading to a safely secured finish.

The APL - CSS05 is a continuous Automatic Carton open-bottom seal and fill, upper seal and Multi-belt Strapping machine. Completing the packaging and sealing process in one, it reduces your packing cost as well as reducing the time it takes to seal the boxes and have them ready for delivery. Your production rate is increased as a result. An Automatically controlled machine, it has high reliability and durabilty, with a convenient operation that is easily maintained. The machines can also be used individually if required.


- RC1M  Non - Drive Roller Conveyor
- AW5058MPM  Automatic Carton Top and Bottom sealer
- AP8060A  Automatic Strapping machine
- RC2M  Non - Drive Roller Conveyor

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