Automatic Carton Packing Line


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Automatic Carton Packing Line - MIKYO

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This machine is a combination of 3 different Carton Sealers. One is a Bottom Flap model, one with a Top flap model and the third model is a Carton Corner Sealer. In addition to this there is also a Non - drive roller conveyor, whilst there are additional options available if required.


The system consists of carton bottom flap, Automatic Carton sealer, Automatic Carton Corner sealer and Conveying Frame and has the function of continuous Automatic Carton sealing. It's provides you with more space for other functions and reduces the packing cost. It also removes the repetitive movement that comes with manual labour, and reducing the risk of RSI's. It is automatically controlled and reliable, convenient in operation and is simple to maintain whilst the individual parts can be used separately.


  • AS923 Automatic Carton Bottom flap machine
  • BX - 6050PPM Automatic Top flap Carton sealer
  • ACW5050PPP Automatic Carton Corner sealer
  • RC2M Non - drive roller conveyor


  • Longer Motor - drive Roller Conveyor
  • Automatic Belt - drive Strapping machine
  • Automatic Palletizer
  • Automatic Pallet stretch Wrapping machine
  • Custom Colour
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