Automatic Carton Packing Line


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Automatic Carton Packing Line - MIKYO

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This machine is made up of 2 different modules which are an Automatic Top and Bottom Carton sealer an Automatic Carton corner sealer and a Non - drive roller conveyor. You have additional options available that you can add on if required.


The APL - CS08 system consists of an Automatic Carton sealer, an Automatic Corner Carton sealer and a Conveyor frame. This machine has the function of continuous Automatic Carton sealer and Carton corner sealer. Like the rest of these products it will save you room and cost expenses as well as being fully automatic. Furthermore the Carton Sealers can be used seperately.


  • Longer Motor - drive Roller conveyor
  • Automatic Belt - drive Strapping machine
  • Automatic Palletizer
  • Automatic Pallet Stretch wrapping machine
  • Custom Colour 
  • Carton Erector and Bottom Sealer

-  MK-AS523  Automatic Carton Top & Bottom Sealer 1unit
-  MK-AS723  Automatic Carton Corner Sealer  1unit
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