Automatic Carton Packing Line

Automatic pallet packing, stacking and wrapping line

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  • Ngày : 29-09-2021 16:27:46

The solution for a continuous production line and minimized production time. Mikyo has the ability to integrate an automatic line of cartoning, automatic palletizing and automatic pallet wrapping.

Thông tin chi tiết

A wide range of packaging solutions is born with the purpose of serving in production. These solutions bring optimal efficiency in both time and goods quality, minimizing errors at the lowest level.

The automatic palletizing, packing and wrapping line is considered an effective solution in packaging goods. Products are automatically transferred by conveyor belt, through automatic product picking machine into cartons that are glued and carefully preserved in cartons. And especially combined with the Robots that automatically load goods, the pallet is then wrapped with safety film before storing or transporting.

As a total solution provider, Mikyo has combined with a team of expertise and reputable equipment manufacturers to have integrated lines for packaging. From the supply of single devices to the solution lines, all are integrated into the existing lines at Mikyo. Mikyo is a factory with experience in implementing and operating these lines in the most optimal way.


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