Thermal-Shrink Packing Machine


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MK-BSD3520A+4020A+4525A Shrink Packager

Thông tin chi tiết
Works with all types of shrink films, but specially tunnel for non-PVC, polyolefin films
Temperature compensating solid state controllers
Belt conveyor with variable speed and adjustable
Top & side heat, Stainless-steel heater
Quick change seal wire with tension assembly
Double Magnetic Hold-down; Sealing blade on top(L-sealer)
Roller, wire mesh optional
High velocity turbo-tunnel
Combination unit-system runs on one circuit





 Power Supply


 3P, 380V/50HZ

 Heater Power


 6.5 KW


 Conveyor Speed


 Tunnel Size




 Shink Product Size




 Conveyor Loading

 15kg Max.

 25kg Max.

 25kg Max.

 Machine Size




 Machine Weight




 Shrink Film


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