Automatic Strapping Machine


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Strapping Machine MIKYO

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AP8060B strapping machine is designed specifically for a packing line with sensors. This machine contains a bottom drive belt and is built to withstand and strap large and heavy boxes.


  • Extremely quick machine as boxes can be strapped in 2 seconds, leading to a cycle of 30 boxes being strapped in a minute. 
  • Similarly to the other strapping machines, it is easily maintained and operated, whilst the mechanism is stable and durable.
  • Table Height is 450mm, however a custom maide height is available.
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Packing type: Parallel 1 to several strips, in types of orders to pack, manual operation, continual packing, ball switch and pedal switch. 
Product Specifications:



 Strapping Tension

 40-600N adjustable

 Strapping Speed


 Strap Width


 Arch Size


 Power Supply


 Power Consumption


 Machine Size


 Machine Weight


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